Your Questions About Tube Amplifiers Stereo

David asks…

Is it normal for the frame of a VALVE ..vacuum tube stereo Amplifier to get very hot when switched on?

I am not running anything yet I am trying to check it out .It is very old .
It is so hot you could not hold your fingers to it for longer than a few seconds

Jesse Roth answers:

If it does that its probably real big, real cheap or broken. Id suggest using a junk preamp when you hook it up and dont touch the damn thing except with the back of your hand first.also if its for guitar wear rubber soled shoes. I had an experience with a fender and no shoes, i didnt know if id outlive the smoking amp.true.sounds like its either a 100 amp plus and thats = to any 300 watt electronic rigg.

Joseph asks…

Do tube amplifiers save energy?

Would a stereo tube amplifier that uses 7 watts per channel save much more electricity than a stereo transistor amplifier that uses 90 watts per channel?

Jesse Roth answers:

Tubes are far more inefficient than transistors and use power to heat the tube all the time, whereas transistors only use power when necessary.
In this case though the tube amplifier is likely to use less than the transistor amplifier.

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