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Jenny asks…

Guitar Amplifiers - Volume over a drum kit?

been playing guitar for a few years now, but never got into the technical side of things, so not quite clued up on amplifiers etc.

I'm looking for a quality tube amp for playing heavy metal that can overpower a drum kit, how many watts etc. should I be looking for?


Jesse Roth answers:

Well with a tube amp, you don't need as many watts to get the same volume as a solid state amp. A 50-100 watt amp with 2 10" speakers or 2 12" speakers will do the trick for sure. I don't know your budget so it will be hard to suggest amps, but Messa reflectors, Marshals, and Orange make good amps for heavy metal, but those are pretty pricey. The Carvin V3 212 and the line 6 spider valve are pretty good, also the Peavey JSX is a good amp.

When you have decided on an amp, i would suggest looking on you local Craigslist. You can get better amps for lower prices by buying used. Just don't get ripped of. Make sure you go and test it out.

Good luck!

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