Your Questions About Tripath

James asks…

What is the best amplifier chip available?

I am deciding to an audio amplifier project and now contemplating on what kind of opamp( LM3886, tripath chip, etc.) to use for my chipamp project, must be audiophile quality. Thanks.

Jesse Roth answers:

Tripath's TA-2024 puts out 6 watts of clean sound.More than enough for some decent efficient speakers.A great chip when used with a DC power supply that is non-switching.

Ken asks…

Where can I get a Lepai Tripath TA2020 in Malaysia ?

A Malaysian based online store is fine. A real store is better though. Or can i get it at ANY audio store?

Full name : Lepai Tripath TA2020 Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier

If you know about any other 'item' besides that ... that has the same input and same type of speaker terminals as that item mentioned above that can play songs from phone (3.5mm) to Speaker (Speaker wire type) ... please do tell me .

Thank you and have a nice day. XD

Jesse Roth answers:

Mm... Hope this helps! Http://

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