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Jenny asks…

Hello I have a problem hifi revenue?

I have denon amplifier 4306 (130 W) and a Class T amplifier Trends 10.1 (15W)
the strange thing that the audio quality is better on the trends for what reason?

excuse my English is Italian

Jesse Roth answers:

The amplifier, amplifies, but it is the speakers that produce the final sound!!

Do you use the same speakers? Perhaps the speakers don't match the Denon in either impedence or power requirements.

15W is the power of a TV speaker, you really don't need an amplifier for that!!

Lizzie asks…

How Will this system work out?

I want Sound Quality with hard thumping bass, Before some of you Kicker fans out there tell me to buy an L7, the answer is NO.

Ok so this is what I've came up with:

Rockford Fosgate 1000bd.1 Class T Amplifier.
2 X Alpine Type R 15" Subwoofers
Big 3 Upgrade
Yellow Top Optima
L Ported Box tuned @ 35hz (Can someone help me design this?)
Alpine Headunit IDK which one, just some nice new one 🙂
Infinity REF5020CS Component System
4Farad Capacitor
Oh and I will also Dynamat the trunk.

How would this system sound like? Also can someone help me with box dimentions etc I've never done this before. Btw I think the Amp and Subs are perfect, As far as I know that amp really gives out 1478 Watt RMS Since its underrated and since alpines are underrated I've heard people say they can take up to 800watt each.

Jesse Roth answers:

The subs may be getting underpowered just a little bit...but I tell you what...Rockford amps being as good as they are...and Alpine subs kick hard...that system will be very loud!! Good luck

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