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Sandy asks…

I have a yamaha EMX 5000 power mixer, a passive subwoofer and a seperate crossover. How do I connect them?

I simply want to know how to connect the power mixer (Yamaha EMX5000) with two EV stage 300's to an 18" Behringer passive subwoofer. I also have a Behringer t-amp crossover but dont know how to put it together. Would appreciate your help.

Jesse Roth answers:

Did a quick look see at the manual, better you look at it instead of trying to explain online.


Mandy asks…

Thinking about upgrading door speakers in my car?

I already have JL subs and amp I'm thinking about getting JL audio door speakers and maybe some tweeters down the road... If I buy new door speakers will I have to amp them? I don't think my alternator can handle another amp but if I don't amp them will they cause more strain on my alternator then my stock speakers. Will it really make that big of a difference?

Jesse Roth answers:

Replacing them won't hurt anything as the head unit does not consume much power at all. Most only have a 10 amp fuse. Replacing the speakers will not make the head unit pull more power. I can tell you this, if you replace them with something of higher power and better quality but without an amp, you will be robbing yourself of what they are truly capable of. Head units only are able to put out 12-17 watts per channel which is simply not enough for controlled output for most aftermarket speakers. Adding a small amp (50 watts rms per channel) will make a big improvement in sound and will not add a strain to what you already have.

There are some things you can do to help your stock electrical system like doing the Big 3 and using a better battery with more cranking amps.

Laura asks…

can i run 4x8 ohm 200w speakers off of a bridged amp?

amp is as follows
the t.amp E-800 stereo amplifier - output power: 2x 440W into 4 Ohms, 2x 240W into 8 ohms (@1kHz, THD<=0.1%). Bridged mode: 1x 800W into 8 Ohms (please check cable configuration for bridged on rear of unit). Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz; damping factor: >120; inputs: XLR and TRS jack (balanced); outputs: Speakon; DC, short circuit, temperature and limiter protection. Power Supply: 230V~50Hz. 19"/2U rack. Dimensions (WxDxH): 482 x 341.5 x 88mm, 19", 2U

please help guys and i presume ill have to link in series
can i use it with the speakon cable correctly changed to 1+ and 2+ then connect the rest of the speakers by daisy chaining them
reason im asking as my channel b is not working but bridge mode works ok

Jesse Roth answers:

You must put 2 speakers in series the other 2 in series too and then these 2 groups in parallel!This way the final impedance will be 8ohms!!!

Charles asks…

How do you amp your speakers in a regular cab s10?

2x 6.5"s

2x 4x6"s

Everything (including deck) is aftermarket.

I know how to pop open my dash, I have done it many time before. I just am wondering because last time I tried it, I used a 2-channel amp because I didn't have a 4 channel amp, and it made the two speakers that I didn't amp sound fuzzy and static. I do not know if I successfully amped the two speakers that I meant to amp because I have no means of testing it. Would a multi meter work, because I bought one for a class I am taking and it measures i know hz, watts, and pretty much everything but decibels.

Also, if i have an existing power wire from my monoblock amp (the amp for my subwoofer), can i somehow tap into that power wire instead of making a completely new one running to the battery (so there would be two wires going to the battery)? And how about same with the remote power and ground?

Jesse Roth answers:

Yes you can tap into the power wire depending on how what gauge it is. If you are running 4 gauge or slightly smaller you can tap in using a distribution block.

For your two channel amp for four speakers it's not recommend because your going to limit your sound quality. You need a four channel amp ideally.

The remote needs to come from the power antenna and you can jump it between amps, done it myself. Ground wire needs to have a separate ground for each one, usually the seat bolt works really well because that's a direct ground to the frame.

Robert asks…

I'd like to build a portable Ipod speaker deck for under $200 that shakes my entire house, can anyone help?

I've already bought four 5.25" speakers with built in tweeters and an 8" woofer, but I'm having trouble with the rest. Portability and cost is key. I need a good, but cheap amp. I tried the Sonic Impact T amp for $35, but when I maxed out the volume, the sound kept cutting out. The volume at high didn't seem to be that impressive either, will building an enclosure help that? I'm not done with the enclosure yet, but I've started it. I don't know that much about speaker / stereo systems, so I need help with an amp and whatever else I might need (crossover, etc.). I wish I could use a Boss amp (because of their cost), but I need it to run off AC. I like the Sonic Impact amp because it runs off AC and batteries, is there anyway I can make that work? Thanks for whatever help you guys can provide : )

Jesse Roth answers:

Mmmhm - those lil sonic impacts are cute but they can be quiet with insensitive can get a bit more power by using two - one to power the woofers, and one to power everything else...but that kinda depends on your speakers being biwirable?...and it doesn't make THAT much difference. Adding a subwoofer powered sepaerately WOULD add some serious volume...but there's an issue with powering subs from the sonic impact to do with how the amp is me if you need more info on that and i'll dig out a link.

Trendsaudio does a different version of the tripath chip amp you'll find in the sonic...but you'll need an external battery pack for it.(it really is alot better though - i use on of theirs, modified, to feed my main speakers...and an old sonic, modified(!) to run a couple of extra base woofers...the local council has threatened me with legal action if i don't turn it down!!!!)

there are some ways to get more power(and quality) out of the sonics but they all involve getting your soldering iron out!! Check out if you're feeling adventurous - and feel free to mail me about that. I've been modifying them for a while now but am still a real newbie to electronics and have found easy ways round my ignorance!). An enclosure won't do anything to your power...and the amp is cutting out 'cos it's clipping - careful how much of that you subject your speakers to. A simple way to get a little more db out of the sonic is to run it 'hot' - mine seem to stand up well to about 14 volts (i think they recommend 12?)...and you can throw as many amps at it as you like(the amp will only draw what it needs, in amps so you can double or treble what the manufacturer suggests to no ill-effect...voltage is a different matter and you need to be careful.)

hope that's a start?

Michael asks…

I have a laptop, Klipsch 120Watt Sub Woofer, 2 Boston speakers. What do I need to hook up my computer to them?

What the cheapest and smallest way to power/connect/ whatever I need for this system. Is it possible all i need is an ampifier. (whould the T-Amp Gen 2: Stereo Amplifier work?)

Jesse Roth answers:

Yes, all you need is a receiver.

Ken asks…

I want to build a portable Ipod stereo, that runs off of 12v and will power the ipod.?

I have done some of this stuff, but my girlfriend wants a nice, portable Ipod stereo that she can take with her that will charge it too, and be simple to use. The commerical ones you can buy sound like crap usually, or are very expensive. Plus, I'm a do-it-yourself kind of guy, so here's what I'm after:

I would like to find a cable, with the ipod conn. that gives me a power IN, and audio OUT. simple, 5, maybe 6 wires! I'll probably have to make my own, but that's no biggie.

I will be using a Sonic T amp, high efficiency speakers from Parts Express, and I want it all to run off of 12v, like I said. That's the easy part, I just don't know how to charge the Ipod, and get the audio out of it without using the 3.5mm headphone jack on top. I have found the pinouts for the Ipod online, but don't understand what, or where, I need to supply power to the Ipod, & how many volts at those pins. I can build a power supply in the stereo, that's no biggie, just need to know how! Thanks!
I was just doing some more digging, I found a cable on Ebay that plugs into the cigarette lighter, and has a 1/8" output plug, and plugs into the Ipod. However, it doesn't allow you to control the volume with the ipod, which I was hoping to do. I CAN use the Ipod to control the volume if I simply use the headphone jack into the amp, but I could also build it so the amp's volume control is still useable, and you would adjust the volume with that, and control song choice with the Ipod. Thanks!

Jesse Roth answers:

Ok try this: why not get a dock that charges the ipod and allows for playback at the same time - take it apart and use the wires and connectors from that - go on ebay and you can get almost anykind of cable for an iPod that you can imagine really cheap!! Good luck sounds like a great idea!!

Nancy asks…

I'm going nuts trying to think of the name of this energy drink!?

I drank it 2002ish-2005ish. It may be discontinued because I haven't seen it around lately. It was in a small, skinny, green can, like the type that Red Bull comes in. They came in packages of four, I think. I'm pretty sure it isn't Amp. Pretty sure as in 92% sure. Maybe the name started with an R?

Jesse Roth answers:

It most likely is Amp, they used to be sold in completely different looking cans and much smaller cans too. I remember buying 4 packs of them too.

Hope that helps.

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