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Steven asks…

Need a small subwoofer, looking to spend $100 to $150?

Yes, I realize that is a very small amount to spend on a sub and expect much out of it. But this is strictly for use with my computer, so I'm not looking for anything much to begin with. Basically, I want a pretty flat response from 30 to 80hz (but I wouldn't mind if it went lower), adjustable crossover, and want it to use binding posts for the line in. I want a powered sub, of course. I plan on driving it with a Sonic Impact T-Amp, which only does two channels, hence why I need the binding posts. I am flexible with cost though, I'll pay a little more if it means getting something good. I have looked at HT subs from brands I know to be good (Axiom, Orb, etc) but they were all far outside my price range, even their smallest subs.
I'm doing this because I like good sound, have nowhere to put a dedicated stereo, and because I can't find the Klipsch Promedias anywhere. They were what I initially wanted. Right now the only ample replacement seems to be the M-Audio AV 40, which looks good but has no sub. Don't direct me to those Logitech 2300s or whatever they're called, I've used them and wasn't too impressed. Before I go and buy the M-Audio, I want to see if I can simply build a system out of tiny bookshelves (maybe Definitives) and a small sub. I do realize that this will be expensive, but I want to see my other options before I spend the money on the AV 40s. Thanks in advance.

Jesse Roth answers:

For a passive sub you'll probably have to build one to fit into that price range and still be good quality.

For powered subs in that price range the Polk PSW10 seems half decent.

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