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Mandy asks…

What did your parents say to you repeatedly to make you feel unworthy?

And do you think you would have done things differently if positive affirmations were the only language spoken?
For instance here are a few that have stuck with me.(I am not boo hooing)lol
1.Children are to be seen and not heard,now go to your room Kelly.(daily affirmation from mom)
2. If it weren't for you Damn kids your father and I would still be happily married,but you and your brother ruined our marriage with your fighting.
(interesting concept?)
3.your nothing but a little s*ut,w*ore,t*amp.(courtesy of mom starting at the age of 15 when I had my first and only boyfriend all the way through high school. will never amount to anything(daily affirmation from mom)
5.Your nothing but a drug Addict loser,your pathetic you make me sick you have completely thrown your whole life away,I am just disgusted.
It's kind of a reminder to us all to remember how powerful the spoken word is and to use it with caution with our children,loved ones and everyone really.

Jesse Roth answers:

You're nothing but a GD loser and that's all you'll ever be.
You're a f-ing embarrassment. Give me my money so I can go and pay that bill b4 your father gets home.

Sandy asks…

Can I set up a subwoofer like this?

Hey everyone. Right now I'm torn between getting some M-Audio AV 40s to use as computer speakers, or putting together a system with bookshelf speakers, a Sonic Impact T-Amp, and a Polk PSW10. Now what I want to know, is if I can hook up the Polk sub to the M-Audios. The M-Audios use speaker clips to connect the right speaker to the left (the left has the amp). I know many conventional subs have a line in for amps that don't have a dedicated sub-out, which involves connecting the sub and the speakers to the same connectors (whether they be clips or binding posts, I don't know what the PSW10 has). I want to know if I'd get the same performance from the sub if I connected the left speaker's output to the right into the sub, and then from there connected the right speaker to the sub. I'm thinking that I'll just get weaker bass response (but that can be fixed by equalization/turning up the volume), but want to know for sure. Also, I am aware that this will bring down the volume of the right speaker, but I can just adjust the balance to fix that as well. If there's anything wrong with setting it up like this, please let me know. Thanks!
The PSW10 uses clips. It does have a dedicated input and output though, which solves the problem.
Silent Bob, would you care to elaborate on that? How would I go about connecting the sub, then?

Jesse Roth answers:

No sub output?..

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