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Maria asks…

Easy but dumb Electric guitar QuEsTiON?

wats a good setting to leave reverb and contour at on my amp? i mean this is my first time on electric guitar, and i dont know, what do you guys leave it at? also if i wanted a real punk sound, whats a better overdrive button, crunch or lead.
I have a fender H.O.T amp and its tiny.

Jesse Roth answers:

Just a small amount of Reverb, 50% Contour, and for the O/D Crunch on rear pickup.

Anarchy in the UK, here we come!

Paul asks…

Hooking up dual amps?

Ok i got two 1200 watt 12s im trying to hook up two 600 watt amps together to power the two 1200 watt 12s but the power doesn't turn on one amp which is second one that was connect and i have the dual battery cord to hook up two amps which is exposed 2 power them both but doesn't only one. And both have ground and are connected to battery why isn't amp turning on main concern and then how do you hook both together to run less power if possible

Jesse Roth answers:

Did you hook up "remote power" wire to second amp?

Thomas asks…

What in this html code is showing the ad?

Can anyone tell me what needs to be removed from the html to remove the ad at the top and bottom of the clock?

Countdown To Birmingham

You can see the clock at
ok, i get that it is a page within a page but what part of the code can be removed to remove the ad?

Jesse Roth answers:

You can not change the code on their website by changing your iframe.

Donna asks…

Is this discrimination?

I am my department's top performer, guaranteed. I consistently work circles around my coworkers, provide support, and do everything else pretty much. They have rewarded others for their performance through a bi-monthly program, but some of these who were "rewarded" for their performance were also fired a few weeks later because of it.

Some coworkers of mine got a hold of my blog and tried to get me fired for it. My managers have taken me to HR where I was told that my work was solid, but my lifestyle was not. I was ordered to "keep it down", although I really didn't amp it up to begin with. Our VP of HR talked to me personally. She gave me a list of demands and I have followed every single one of them.

On the floor, I have been "gay bashed", coworkers have thrown paperwork at me, slammed doors in my face, and so on. I have complained to my managers, but this behavior continues which leads me to believe that no one has been talked to. I have been called "weak" and told "I don't know nothing" by these coworkers.

It's not everyone, it's a few people.

Is this discrimination? If so, what are my next steps as far as documentation? Am I out of line? I need a non-biased third party opinion here.

Jesse Roth answers:

By what you are stating, it does not sound like discrimination.

Ken asks…

best way to connect an mp3 player to passive speakers?

I have some nice speakers in my room but no hifi to play them on as my dad sold the one we had. Recently I have been wondering how to get my mp3 to work with them. I know i'll need at least some kind of amplifier to get it to work. Looking on the internet, I found out about the sonic impact t-amp, which had sparkling reviews and a brilliant price to match. I'm thinking about buying this so does anyone have any experience of it and also, I wanted to know if I need to buy any peripherals for it such as a cable to connect my mp3. The reviews of this product online have been made for the audio specialists and I don't understand half of what they are talking about so I am, so far, a bit clueless as to what the amp is like and what I need to run it.
Also, sorry that i haven't given much information about the speakers that I own but I myself do not know their specs. I know that they are fairly good mid range speakers but haven't actually used them myself.

Jesse Roth answers:

Look easier way of doing is this.

You most likely going to have to but a amp which will at least cost you £100 for a decent one.

Just but a good quality ipod sound dock, Like these.

These also charge your unit whilsts its playing.


Speaker Range

Charge your Ipod
No need for DJ
Remote control.

Depends on your budget
Thats about it.

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