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Questions and Answers about the T-Amp, Gainclone, Tube Amps and other Audiophile amplifiers

George asks… precision power amplifier power ratings??? I just bought two old school precision power amps. I’m into the old school stuff… The model numbers are PC1400.2, and PC4400.2 they […]

Steven asks… Need a small subwoofer, looking to spend $100 to $150? Yes, I realize that is a very small amount to spend on a sub and expect much out […]

Mandy asks… What did your parents say to you repeatedly to make you feel unworthy? And do you think you would have done things differently if positive affirmations were the […]

Maria asks… Easy but dumb Electric guitar QuEsTiON? wats a good setting to leave reverb and contour at on my amp? i mean this is my first time on electric […]

Maria asks… what is gainclone? Jesse Roth answers: I think its a kind of amplifier based on National Semiconductor, LM3875 and LM3886 and similar… Powered by Yahoo! Answers